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Finnish-Namibian Society (a registered association) aims at strengthening the ties of friendship between Finns and Namibians and promoting cooperation in social, economic and cultural fields. Our main objective is to maintain and increase the knowledge of Namibian issues in Finland and to participate in development cooperation. Finnish-Namibian Society, which was established in 1974, is the largest Africa-orientated friendship society in Finland.

Annual Report 2010


Finnish-Namibian Society is a politically and ideologically non-aligned organization with more than 700 members showing a mutual interest in Namibia. The annual membership fee is EUR 14 (EUR 7 for students).

If you would like to become a member, please send your name and contact information either by email ( or letter to the following address:

Finnish-Namibian Society
Rauhanasema, Veturitori
00520 Helsinki


The top event of the year for Finnish-Namibian Society is Namibia's Independence Day on the 21st of March. We have celebrated it since 1990 when Namibia became independent by inviting guests both from Finland and Namibia and welcoming all friends of Namibia to the celebrations.

You can also find us at:

Nordic Travel Fair Matka

World Village Festival

National Mission Festival

  Development Cooperation

Our project for the years 2007-2009:
Arts, Handicraft and Culture Education
Improving Basic Education and Life Skills

The aim of the project is to develop art, handicraft and culture programmes in the Namibian curriculums and teaching practices.

Art education is an ideal way to widen the thinking and creativity of children. Handicraft and art education can support and help learning mathematics as well as reading and writing. It helps learners to learn to control their own lives in developing their ability of solve problems.

In order to promote arts, craft and culture in the Namibian education system, workshops for will be organized for teachers. Festivals and competitions where learners will be able to showcase and display their talents and art works will also be held.

The aim is to develop handicraft and art education without new resources by integrating it into formal education and by co-operating with artists in the different cultural fields. The final goal is to strengthen respect and appreciation towards Namibian culture, handicraft and arts.

The project is a collaboration between Finnish-Namibian Society, National Institute of Educational Development (NIED, Namibia) and Oruuano of Namibian Artists Union. Finlandís Ministry for Foreign Affairs has granted support for the project.